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Aug 20 '14

Man I really feel like doing some openCanvas though

or social drawing of some kind

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Aug 20 '14





Livestream procaster consumes large amounts of cpu for nothing. No joke, nothing. As a result your stream can become laggy and sometimes it can damage your hardware as your PC has to push itself to keep what your streaming functioning as well as possible.

"But if we can’t use procaster what can we use insteaaaaad?"

Simple. There’s two programs, both that are free, that you can use that uses very little CPU and has more options than procaster. These programs are called Xsplit and OBS. To keep your head in one piece, I’m going to go over how to stream on Livestream with Xsplit.

Under the cut of course.

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Aug 20 '14

that last post was my 10,000th and I’m pleasantly surprised

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Aug 20 '14


chief-pan , everybody.

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Aug 20 '14

when I actually feel like picking up that character creation blog post again I don’t have the image files to do it with

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Aug 20 '14


i don’t care if you think it’s “improper first date attire” this suit of armor is enchanted and i’m wearing it

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Aug 20 '14
Children’s and YA books are about being brave and kind, about learning wisdom and love, about that journey into and through maturity that we all keep starting, and starting again, no matter how old we get. I think that’s why so many adults read YA: we’re never done coming of age.
— Betsy Cornwell, interview in Uncommon YA (via betsycornwell)

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Aug 20 '14




An officer threatens to kill a journalist and those around him since he’s not credential press. He then threatens everyone around the guy with live rounds. If you don’t know what those are, they’re real bullets.

Another journalist tried to ask his name but all he said was “Go fuck yourself”.

The tag trending for this guy on twitter, funny enough, is #officergofuckyourself.

Please spread, Ferguson is not safe. Don’t forget about it.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Officer GoFuckYourself. 

Full article about this incident can be found HERE.

He straight up said, “I will fucking kill you” what in the hell

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Aug 20 '14



Going on right now in Ferguson: Police are raiding a church that has been stocked with medical supplies, food, and tear gas recovery kits for community members engaging in protests. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Stand up, speak out. 

This is real life. (x)

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Aug 20 '14



Police launched tear gas and stun grenades on protesters in Ferguson last night 

The scene in Ferguson turned violent once again on Monday night after repeated clashes between police and protesters.

Law enforcement officials said early Tuesday that they “came under heavy gunfire” and had arrested 31 people by the end of the evening, Reuters reports.

More photos and video

This shit is past ridiculous. How long does it go on; like damn.

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