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Apr 18 '12
Samm Neiland - Monk of Time (Tumblrstuck/bent OST)


posting this now cause i can’t wait anymore.

hey look more glitchedstuck music. isn’t that neat.

this one is for lute who is a monk of time and also happens to be reid’s character who is wicked cool and shit and if you aren’t following him by now what the fuck is wrong with you.

also hey reid i use some of your art as the image for the music i hope you don’t mind.

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    Not sure I ever reblogged this, but even if I have, I’ll do it again because I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and...
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    and now you know why i got this dumb face here to do a musics for my comic >:V also sammeh while i was listening to this...
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    It’s times like these when I really wish i could make cool music so I can make cool songs for my characters. I should...
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    this is really really really cooooool
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    THIS. JUST…. THIS. Amazing.
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    EDIT: i dunno what happened the kick drum suddenly was really fucking loud and annoying and making everything sound like...
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