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Aug 8 '13


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Druid Tier 9 Progress - World of Warcraft

Check out the whole progress story of this costume on

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May 18 '12

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Mar 10 '12


robin just can’t stick to a single religion

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Mar 10 '12


Most manly rainbow ever.

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Mar 9 '12

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Mar 5 '12



Oh, please, can we not do this this time? You being all mysterious with your cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool.

Oh my gosh

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Mar 4 '12

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Mar 4 '12

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Mar 3 '12



This literally fucking broke my heart. Because this is Sherlock we’re talking about. Sherlock, who isn’t concerned for anyone’s feelings, who frankly doesn’t give a shit what people think of him. Sherlock who does and says whatever he wants because he’s a genius and he can, and he has no reason to hide who he is for anybody. Until John comes along. Sherlock, the man whose heart is essentially made of iron, who never inconveniences himself for anyone, he hides his sadness, all of his bad feelings from John, because John matters, and he doesn’t want to see John, his friend, inconvenienced by him. Because John has been through a war already and is going through another one walking with Sherlock, and on top of everything, John’s feelings matter to Sherlock. It’s why he’s pretty much the only one who matters to Sherlock, because they are so different in so many ways, but alike in the only ways that matter, and Sherlock knows how it would affect his best friend if he ever saw him in pain, in actual, emotional pain, something that he’s not familiar with, so Sherlock hides. And John has no goddamned idea. And that’s what makes their relationship so painful to me. Not that Sherlock doesn’t care, but he does to the point where he makes it an object to make it seem like he doesn’t. That is, of course, until he thinks that John can’t see.



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Mar 1 '12






John’s face.

#why did I leave the shire

#why did I leave the shire




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